The Land

An Adventure Play Documentary

A new documentary film about Adventure Play. 


What is Playwork?

Playwork is a practice and a profession that removes barriers to children's play.  It has a decades long history in Europe and a hearty library of fascinating theory. Playworkers make adventure play possible. 

Playworker Luke sits to the side when he's not needed by the children at The Land.

Luke is also a willing and patient canvas.

"I don't know where [the paint] came from. But as soon as I saw it I knew straight away where it was going."

Recommended reading

The Playwork Primer is an essential introduction to playwork available for free courtesy of The Alliance for Childhood.  It's perfect for parents, teachers & parks departments. Peruse it over coffee, it will change the way you play.  

Pop Up Adventure Play offers a free resources for creating spontaneous adventure play environments at your school, public park, street party, back yard etc.  PUAP also offers rich playwork trainings for those looking for a deeper dive. 

Evolutionary Playwork
By Bob Hughes

Still not sure where to start? Claire, manager of The Land adventure playground, says it best: