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One More Time With Feeling!

Just to make the point so we can move on to more exciting things - this snow was really a surprise.  The most snow in anyone's memory here - almost 24 inches in 48 hours.  The day we arrived/the next morning:


More evidence.  Everyone was snowed in.  We couldn't get off of our lane.   Playworkers couldn't get to work and the playground was closed.   

Stranded in the lovely village of Caergwrle (pronounced Kai-GIRL-ly) we walked to the local sledding hill.  Some friendly sledders lent us their best board and luckily we had a GoPro.  They'd built quite a ramp (Thanks, "Pigeon" and company!)

- please be advised this video contains strong language due to sledding induced fear.

And they're off!

The friendly gentlemen who lent us their sled!

More soon, all. xxo