The Land

An Adventure Play Documentary

A new documentary film about Adventure Play. 

CBC Radio: The Current

Make time to hear this 25 minute segment about play on CBC Radio's latest episode of The Current.  It's an honor to be included in the conversation about play alongside some incredible voices:

  • Bruce McLachlin, the New Zealand principal who banned rules on his playground, resulting in decreased bullying. 
  • A pre-school teacher with a hammer and nails offering in her classroom & 
  • Roger Hart on anarchy as self governance among children and more.

It's a great conversation starter if you're advocating for play.

Link not working?  Google: " CBC Freedom to be a kid " 

Link not working?  Google: " CBC Freedom to be a kid " 

P.S. Link not working?  Google: " CBC Freedom to be a kid " 

P.P.S. A note of clarification: children at The Land are not "encouraged to play with sharp tools and run around with pointy sticks."  They do, however, have permission to use tools and other objects including paint, bikes, tires & palettes etc., as they wish.  Safety is a high priority at The Land.  However, an important distinction is made: safety involves removing hazards.  It doesn't involve removing risk.